Broda Shaggi Says He Has Been Depressed For Days Over Comment About His Comedy Skits

Popular Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi has said that he has been in depression for days over what a Twitter user called Irunnia said about his comedy skits.

A Twitter user called Irunnia has called out fine boy agbero as he is fondly called expressing that the comedian is not funny.

He further said that Shaggi’s skits are too long and unnecessary adding that he would do better as an actor. He advised the comedian to go into full time acting.

Responding to this, Shaggi took to his Twitter account to react to the statement of Irunnia. The comic act started by saying he does not know how to use Twitter and in a joking manner said that he has been depressed for a few days.

He thereafter demanded to know what he did wrong to the Twitter user that made him make such a statement about his skits adding that Irunnia wants to scatter his source of livelihood that the proceeds he makes from the skits is what he uses to feed himself and his family.


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