British PM, Boris Johnson eases COVID-19 lockdown measures in England

British PM, Boris Johnson eases COVID-19 measures in England

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on Monday evening, announced that non-essential retailers are to be allowed to reopen in England in June.

Shops selling clothes, furniture, electronics or books, as well as auction houses and tailors are to be allowed to offer their services again from June 15.

Outdoor markets can reopen as of June 1. Retail premises must be made “COVID-secure,” Johnson said.

On March 23, Johnson closed all stores that did not serve primary needs as part of efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Supermarkets and pharmacies remained open.

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The prime minister had already announced on Sunday that schools in England would be opened again for certain classes from June.

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are going their own way in the fight against the coronavirus.

Britain is the country with the most COVID-19 victims in Europe.

So far, 36,914 deaths have been recorded, Johnson said on Monday evening.

It is believed there is also a high number of unreported cases.


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