A Christian native of the Katsina State, identified as Mani Abubakar, almost lost his life over a Facebook post.

Tension escalated in the city’s capital due to a social media post that some residents found offensive.

Blasphemy: Katsina Residents Burn Neighbour’s House, Car Over Facebook Post


Mani Abubakar’s Facebook post incited anger and resulted in the destruction of his residence and vehicle in Babaruga.

In fact, he narrowly escaped with his life, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

The post, which was composed in Hausa, allegedly included derogatory remarks about Islam, which incited the mob’s response.

Plan Meeting

The precise content of the Facebook post remains uncertain.

But reports indicate that it raised questions about the origin of the Quran and criticised certain aspects of Islam.

The Christian Association of Nigeria is coordinating with authorities and plans to meet with the Emir of Katsina.

The aim is to ensure the safety of Mani Abubakar upon his reappearance.


Christian leaders in the state are calling for calm and mutual understanding.


The Vice Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Katsina, Muyiwa Segun, condemned any form of violence or disrespect toward other religions.

“Everyone should respect the other’s religion; Christians don’t have any business abusing other people’s religion.

“That is not how to do evangelism,” Segun stated.

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Segun also confirmed that CAN was working with security officials and religious leaders to ensure peace and safety in the community.


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