AMEN President Blast Buhari Over Failed Promises

President of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN), Prince Saviour Iche has hipped blames on President Muhammadu Buhari for making the business environment hostile and difficult for small scale manufacturers and making promises that he would not keep.

The AMEN President said, he (Buhari), gave us so much to look forward to through his campaign promises only dash to disappoint us upon assuming office.

Prince Idichie is a small scale local manufacturer of cosmetics and herbal creams.

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He said manufacturers of creams and cosmetics in Nigeria, have to import the raw materials and chemicals they use in producing their products which ought not to be so. He wonders why? when Nigeria is highly blessed with crude resources but cannot refine because the refineries are not working.

“The chemicals we use in producing our products are bi-products of crude which if refined in our country we would not have to import.

“The volatility of price of imported products has led to many small manufacturing companies folding up, when they cannot cope with the incessant increase in price of production materials.

Idichie said Buhari promised that when assumes office he will fix the refineries, he promised that Nigeria will be better and Nigerians will experience a change.

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“Buhari is a failure going by the manifesto he presented to us. He has not only failed but has made the country poor causing the citizens to experience severe hardship.

At least we all know what the naira to dollar exchange is saying and we all know how expensive goods and services are currently

There is also the issue of lack of funds and the inability to access loans by small scale businesses which has caused majority of the business men in our association to shut down their business.


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