Some passengers have expressed their anger and disappointment after experiencing a four-hour flight delay by Nigerian commercial airline, Air Peace.

Air Peace May Face Lawsuit Over This


Air Peace Flight

In a series of tweets posted on Friday, an X user, @iSlimfit, posted videos showing a scene where the plane’s power pack failed to work which caused the aircraft’s inability to shut down.

Another power pack was gotten before the plane could be manually shut down.


The tweets stated, “8 a.m. flight finally took off 2 p.m. after the power pack that can power the airplane had been replaced.

Landed in Abuja at 1 p.m. but we were not allowed to disembark because the plane wouldn’t power off.


“They had to go find another power pack to manually shut down the aircraft. Anyways, never again!”

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Faulty Plane

One of the videos showed a passenger saying, “For an 8 a.m. flight, this is past 10 and we’re still here.

“Air Peace! Apparently, the plane is faulty and the pilot was trying to just maneuver and make it work for the past two hours until passengers started shouting, and then they had to like, we must come out eventually.


Anyways, we’re here. No communication, nothing nothing. Everyone is stranded.”

The tweet read further, “People have missed their appointments. I’ve missed my event.


“Worst still, no apology, no explanation, no compensation. People get away with a lot of shit in this country.


“Anyways, all passengers have come together and agreed we are taking a class action lawsuit against @flyairpeace, especially for people that have had multiple such experiences with them.

“Let’s test the system. Hopefully, there’s a positive outcome from this.”

A passenger said, “We’ve to sue, we’ve to take this thing to court. If we don’t do anything, they’ll keep doing this nonsense.”

“This is my third time – third experience with Air Peace,” another passenger said

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