Yomi Fabiyi Speaks On What Caused Baba Suwe’s Death

Yomi Fabiyi Speaks On What Caused Baba Suwe's Death. 
Yomi Fabiyi


Nigerian actor, Yomi Fabiyi has shared what he felt could have caused the death of popular comic actor, Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe.

The movie star took to his Instagram page opined that the harsh treatment Baba Suwe received at the hands of the law enforcement agents left him in a terrible state which never healed till he died.

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According to Fabiyi, Baba Suwe was dehumanized, castigated, and accused of a serious crime without evidence but got acquitted.

He added further that the effect of the late actors detention robbed him of his career and health.

His post read in part:

 “Torture is simply evil. Anywhere they use torture as a means of investigation, 98% guarantee they will get lies, fabrications, false testimonies just to stop the pain and humiliation. 

“Supporting the use of torture is why the government will never equip the police with the necessary logistics for carrying out standard investigations. “The effect of torture never left Baba Suwe and those that tortured galivanting around.” 







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