With a career that included some of the most iconic films of the ‘2000s and beyond, Mr. Ibu legacy and achievement would no doubt outlive him and inspire generations of comic actors.

5 Famous Statements Mr Ibu Made In Movies

John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu, was one of Nigeria’s most effortlessly funny and beloved comic actors of all time.


From his beginning days as a boxer, football coach, hairstylist, photographer and karate practitioner to making a name as a slapstick comedian whose acting is often characterised by stupidity, it was clear from the get-go that Mr Ibu was unlike any of his contemporaries.

But that long legacy of creativity ended on Saturday evening when Mr Ibu, 62, died after suffering a cardiac arrest.


A statement from the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, confirmed his death.

In his acting days, Mr. Ibu made very famous statements and here are five of them that carry wisdom that people can learn from.

  • “If you are romantic, it constitutes everything that transpires between you and a woman, whether she is your girlfriend or not.”
  • “When you talk about romance, the average man thinks of making love to a woman, but it is not so.”
  • “If you do a job and your fans out there are criticising you, it is not a pass mark.”
  • “You have to separate Paul from Barnabas. When the real me is talking, you will hear a very tactical person, but when the idiot in the movie is talking, you are seeing mumu”
  • “Nigerians greet a lot”

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However, when the news of his death filtered in on Saturday evening, many waved it aside because many had heard that he was recovering after the amputation.

But the journey of many years has ended for the hilarious actor.

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