2000 retailers to benefit from MTN ‘Turns It Up’ Scheme

MTN Nigeria says 2000 retailer across the country will benefit from its ‘Turns It Up’ “Kiosk as a Service” scheme.

The scheme which will empower retailers with an omnibus stall that will enable the retailers provide MTN’s bouquet of products and services more efficiently and afford customers access to services like SIM registration, (mobile money) MoMo, 4G migrations, airtime purchase and so much more.

Starting with the South-West region of the country with over 180 already installed in Lagos State, the kiosks come pre-fitted with solar panels that will power the kiosk, enable users to charge phones and generally support the ease of doing business.

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Speaking on the scheme, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, MTN Nigeria, Mr. Kunle Adebiyi said: “The ‘Kiosk as a Service’ is a demonstration of MTN’s unwavering belief in partnership.”

Adebiyi said MTN’s use of pre-installed solar panels on the kiosks was a deliberate action and a commitment to ensure that the company leads the clamour for the use of renewable energy as a way to preserve the environment.

“We are good together is a philosophy that is integral to our operations. We are empowering our retailers so that through this scheme, they can turn things up for themselves. We are confident that this will empower thousands of Nigerians to become the much-needed drivers of the country’s economy because we believe that we can go far when we go together,” he said.


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