Many are enthusiastic and happy to hear that the Blue Economy boasts of 350 million jobs and $2.5 trillion trade opportunities.

Some companies by now are thinking of how to benefit from this huge trade opportunity.


But looking at facts on the ground, with the many challenges facing the sector whether at the port or the Gulf of Guinea, the task is enormous and surmounting them, cannot be a day’s job. Here’s why. 

$2.5trn Trade: Can Nigeria’s Blue Economy Truly Benefit From It?
Dr. Bashir Jamoh, DG NIMASA

Indeed, an eloquent speech was given to journalists by the Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, (NIMASA), Dr. Bashir Jamoh.


It is coming at a time many attendant vices are confronting the sector.

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Really, it will be a great feat, but Nigeria will have push more to resolve the issue of pirates raging in the Gulf of Guinea and the vandalism on oil pipelines.

The challenges at the various ports in Nigeria are still there staring at the operators in the sector.

However, the DG of NIMASA is optimistic. He has called for a celebration over what Nigeria, stands to benefit from the marine and Blue Economy.

Huge Potential In The Sector

Are there potential benefits for the nation from this particular sector? The answer is yes.


However, we need to harness them well enough to make good returns out of them and stop the over-reliance on oil.

Also, we will need to resolve the security challenges in the GOG or even improved on it.


Between 2021 to date, many ships have been hijacked by sea robbers.

Corruption At The Port

At least, it is an open secret that crude is illegally sold through this route, yet no culprit has been brought to book.

Nigeria, once the highest crude producer in Africa, now struggles to meet her daily quota.

What about allegations of corruption in the ports and borders by security operatives?

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These are challenges that are embedded in the dream reeled out by Jamoh.

Indeed, Nigeria, as a nation, is yet to fully harness the potential inherent in the Marine and Blue Economy.

Now, Jamoh hopes that the narrative of maritime security with change, with journalists writing about positive aspects of maritime trade in the region.

Also, he urged journalists to let the world know how Nigeria and Africa are trying to make the African continent great.


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