Kenya has lost a young soul, a leader of tomorrow, and one of its future active labour forces.

Day after day, we keep hearing about assaults and harassment in various places.


Even though the marketplace is not safe, this raises a question in the hearts of many. Where is our humanity?


In the bid to enforce “justice,”  when done the wrong way, we become the very thing we intend to fight against.

Such is the story of a teenage boy who was beaten to death over an alleged theft by his employer and colleagues.

A family in Kisima village, Nyahururu town in Laikipia County, Kenya, has been thrown into a state of mourning over the loss of their kin.


The 17-year-old Form Two student, identified as Stephen Njuguna, had been accused of stealing a piece of cloth worth Sh500.

Also, Stephen was said to have endured hours of torture within the confines of the shop premises.

The Brutality

His tormentors relented only when they sensed his life was in danger, allowing him to leave in critical condition.

Reacting to the brutality, residents staged protests in Nyahururu town on Tuesday, demanding the arrest of the suspects and the revocation of the shop’s trading licenses.


However, Njuguna’s father, Mr. James Muraya, said he received a call from the shop owner over his son’s alleged theft and detention at the premises.

According to Mr. Muraya, the shop owner demanded to be paid Sh5,000 to release the boy.
“He complained of severe pains in the stomach and chest.


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“My son explained to his mother about the beatings; they attacked him with crude weapons, kicks, and blows,” explained the father.

However, Nyahururu police boss Jackline Gacheri, on Thursday, May 16, confirmed the arrest of two suspects.


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