When Gospel singers marry, it’s more than a celebration. it’s a chance to win souls. Theophilus Sunday and Sunmisola Agbebi turn their weddings into revivals, using music and messages to keep faith alive.

They see each reception as a divine opportunity to share the love of Christ and strengthen beliefs.


Real Reason Gospel Singers Turn Their Wedding Receptions Into Revivals

Turning Weddings Into Revivals

Theophilus Sunday, known for his powerful worship songs, surprised many when he and his bride, Ashlee White, transformed their wedding reception into a spirited revival.

Instead of simply feasting and dancing, the couple, along with their guests, sang songs of worship, shared testimonies, and preached the gospel.

Sunmisola Agbebi, a gospel minister, followed suit last year. Her wedding with Yinka Okeleye was more than a celebration of love; it became a platform to spread the message of Christ.

Through music, prayer, and heartfelt speeches, they aimed to touch hearts and bring people closer to God.


The Purpose Behind The Party

But why turn a wedding into a revival? For these singers, it’s about more than just exchanging vows; it’s a chance to fulfill their calling.

They see their music not just as a career but as a ministry a way to reach souls for Christ.

Biblical Foundation

The Bible supports this idea of using every opportunity to share the gospel. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus instructs his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

For gospel singers like Theophilus Sunday and Sunmisola Agbegbi, their wedding day is no exception.


They view it as a chance to fulfill this Great Commission, to spread the good news of salvation.

So, the next time a gospel singer turns their wedding into a revival, remember it’s not just about the music or the party.


It’s about a deeper purpose a desire to win souls for Christ and keep people rooted in their faith.

Through their weddings, they aim to shine the light of God’s love and spread the message of hope, just as Jesus commanded.

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