Tenancy Law: Why Landlord can’t issue quit notice to tenant



Landlord and tenant issues are numerous but when individuals are unable to gather resources to own a house, they are left with no option than to rent an apartment they can afford.

Overtime, lots of tenant have one or two things to say about their Landlords and the way they handle the affairs of their houses, some are good while others are not.

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However some of these issues have been looked into by some state government who have modified some laws to suit both parties.

In an episode of an exciting programme named Wahala Parliament aired on IbrandTV, the discussants, Aghogho Ayanagho, Kally Obi and Eyinanya Victor discussed on the tenancy law in Nigeria with a case study of Lagos state.

According to Ayanagho, some tenants do not know that there are laws that protect them from their Landlords and are always at their mercy simply because they own the house.


In Obi’s view, the landlord have no right whatsoever to issue quit notice without following the due process of the law and on the other hand, Eyinanya argued that he wouldn’t blame some landlords who issue quit notice to their tenants as some don’t possess the right attitude.

However, Ayanagho highlighted the Lagos tenancy law for those who do not know they exist.

Below are some of the laws highlighted in pidgin English:

How many tenants know say dem get law wen dey protect dem? I nor sure. Make una check to know wetin landlord fit do or not.

Example house wen flood affect, tenant get right to tell landlord to make d compound good enough to stay.

Right to receive receipt after payment of rent. Tenant get right to ask for receipt after e pay rent.

 Exclusive possession: Tenant nai get possession of the house as long as e dey stay there. For landlord to enter ur house, e must ask for ur permission.

 Right to notice to quit: If you be monthly tenant, na one month quit notice your landlord go give you. If you dey pay yearly, na six months quit notice u go get. 

All these ones na some of the laws. Una fit find the rest online so that una go know una right as tenant.” Said Ayanagho

Watch full video below:



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