Police in Malaysia say ten members of a single family were washed away in a river surge in Malaysia.

Seven dead bodies have been discovered little under 25 kilometers from where they had been swimming.



Kinabatangan River Malaysia

According to local police chief, Hanyan Ramlan, nine of the fatalities were blood related, and the other was a fiancé.

The tragedy occurred last Friday at the Jeram Mawar waterfall, which is located deep in a jungle in the Chukai area of Terengganu’s eastern province of Terengganu.

“I believe they were swimming in the river on Friday when they were swept away by a sudden surge of water.”

“It happened quickly, and the water level rose to three meters,” Hanyan explained.

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“They were caught off guard in a deadly surprise.”


Hanyan stated that the victims ranged in age from four to 40 years old.

The seven bodies were discovered roughly 24 kilometers (15 miles) from the location of the accident.

“We have increased our efforts to find the remaining three victims.

“There are 210 officers from various agencies covering 32 kilometers with tracker dogs,” he said.


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