Professor Joe Series (Episode 1-5) on iBrandTV

Enjoy all Episodes of Professor Joe Series on iBrandTV

Professor Joe is a Nigerian comedy series showing every Tuesday and Saturday on iBrandTV.

The comedy portrays a Professor in an higher institution who get carried away whenever he comes in contact with any lady.

The comedy focuses on incidents most students come across while studying in higher institution in Nigeria.

Something interesting that no one thought of happened to him during is escapades, find out as you enjoy Professor Joe Series.

Professor Joe Series Official Trailer on iBrandTV


Directed by GAJI SAMUEL

Production Manager: LEO ISAH

Pre/Post ProductionTEMITOPE AJANI

Cinematographer: ZUDUAK FIDELIS

Multimedia Managers: SAMUEL OLAOLORUN                                                                              PATRICK OLAMIDE 

★★★ iBrandTV 247 – NO.1 Online TV ★★★

Professor Joe Series (Full Episode) on iBrandTV | iBrandTV

PROFESSOR JOE (EP1) – iPhone 11:


PROFESSOR JOE (EP2): – The Mechanic


PROFESSOR JOE (EP3): The Undercover




PROFESSOR JOE (EP5) Corona in Church



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