MTN has opened its training to Nigerian youths in ICT and business skills, which aims at youth development and equipping young entrepreneurs.

MTN To Train Nigeria Youths In ICT And Business Skills

The aim of the programme is to train age 18 and 35 years with tech enabled skills to keep their small businesses relevant and competitive.


MTN ICT and Business Skills Training will be delivered through a 5-week online programme which includes Masterclasses from key industry experts.

Participants will be given data for the duration of the programme to support a seamless learning experience.

Not only that, the top 300 participants will be supported with an Equipment Grant worth ₦90,000,000.

According to a brief, the telecom company will conduct the training in partnership with some of their ecosystem partners – Oracle, KPMG, IBM, Digital Bridge Institute, CISCO.

Also, they are in partnership with Google, Meta and Microsoft.

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Moreover, the five Phases of the ICT and Business Skills Training have been implemented in 16 states since 2018.


MTN Program Details 

In this 6th phase, 3000 youths will participate in the MTN ICT and Business Skills Training.

The training will also be implemented in partnership with Microsoft and Meta.

Microsoft : will train participants on Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age, ICT for Business Success and their new Generative AI skills.

Meta: will train participants on Skills to Build Brands and Grow Businesses Online through their Meta Boost for Small Business.

For more information

Visit the official webpage of MTN Foundation ICT and Business Skills Training Program 2023


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