With over 2,100 people losing their lives in the past few days, the earthquake in Morocco has attracted global attention and sympathies as it is one disaster too many.

Morocco Earthquake


People in Morocco slept in the streets of Marrakech for a third straight night, as soldiers and international aid teams in trucks and helicopters began to fan into remote mountain towns hit hardest by a historic earthquake.

The disaster killed more than 2,100 people — a number that is expected to rise — and the United Nations estimated that 300,000 people were affected by Friday night’s magnitude 6.8 quake.

Amid offers from several countries, including the United States and France, Moroccan officials said on Sunday that they are accepting international aid from just four countries: Spain, Qatar, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

Via a statement, the interior ministry said “the Moroccan authorities have carefully assessed the needs on the ground, bearing in mind that a lack of coordination in such cases would be counterproductive”.


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Moroccan Government Frustrate Aid Efforts

While some foreign search-and-rescue teams arrived on Sunday as an aftershock rattled Moroccans already in mourning and shock, other aid teams poised to deploy grew frustrated waiting for the government to officially request assistance.

“We know there is a great urgency to save people and dig under the remains of buildings,” said Arnaud Fraisse, founder of Rescuers Without Borders, who had a team stuck in Paris waiting for the green light.

“There are people dying under the rubble, and we cannot do anything to save them.”


Help was slow to arrive in Amizmiz, where a whole chunk of the town of orange and red sandstone brick homes carved into a mountainside appeared to be missing. A mosque’s minaret had collapsed.

“It’s a catastrophe,’’ said villager Salah Ancheu, 28. “We don’t know what the future is. The aid remains insufficient.”



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