The hardship in Nigeria is indeed becoming unbearable for Nigerians. While many turn to crime and other illegal means for survival, others have vowed that their only way out is to escape from the country.

This escape plan includes legal or illegal, in fact, many have vowed to leave the country by all means.

Japa: Nigerian Navy Nabs 11 Men Who Hid Inside Ship To Escape ‘Abroad’
Japa: Nigerian Navy Nabs 11 Men Who Hid Inside Ship To Escape ‘Abroad’

It seems that the disappearance of two of K1’s band members abroad was just the beginning of what is to come.

One cannot help but imagine what would become of the country if the borders are open for free passage, even for a minute. Indications are that the country may be empty at the end of the day.


The Escape

Now, the Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROCFT patrol team, on Tuesday, nabbed eleven men who hid inside a ship in an attempt to flee illegally to Ghana.

The Base Information Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT, Sub-Lieutenant H.A Collins spoke in a statement released on Tuesday.


Collins disclosed that the men were nabbed around 7pm Nigerian time when the Navy Ship BEECROFT were on patrol.

He said they immediately alerted the Western Regional Control Centre (WRCC) to stop the vessel in Lagos anchorage.

Initial Arrest

Collins in a statement said, “Initially we arrested four stowaways from the stern of the vessel.

“However, the four people who were arrested revealed that there were more people hiding inside the ship.


“Following a comprehensive search, we discovered seven more stowaways inside the ship, making a total of 11 stowaways who were pulled out of the vessel.”

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He also added that the men who wanted to leave the country illegally were between the age of 19 and 37 years – they are from different parts of Nigeria.

“It is not clear how they got to the ship to hide”, he added.

No Idea

The Nigerian Navy said that the men had no idea the ship they boarded to escape was headed to Ghana.

He said, “Apart from the fact that the stowaways put themselves in life-threatening situations during the long voyage at sea.

It also shows the kind of security situation in the country.

“Accordingly, this arrest and handover by the patrol team is essential reminder of the critical role the Nigerian Navy is playing in ensuring maritime security.”

The Base spokesmen said they have handed over the people to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in line with the established protocols.


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