I'm hale, hearty, Chiwetalu Agu debunks treatment rumour
Chiwentalu Agu

Chiwetalu Agu, Nigerian finest actor, has personally debunked rumours that he is critically ill and begging for financial support to aide is treatment, currently trending on social media.

The Hollywood legend, called on his fans through his Instagram handle to disregard posts emanating from Facebook requesting money on his behalf.


He said that he is half and hearty,

The message reads: “Good morning my people ❤️ Please disregard any foolish post on Facebook by anybody saying am SICK and SOLICITING for MONEY, I’m in a perfect good health condition, I will never ask anybody for A DIME neither am I on FACEBOOK.

Signed Chief Chiwetalu Agu”

Movie producer, Mike Nliam also took to his Facebook to confirm that Agu is alive and is not soliciting for money.


Nliam described the 63-year-old as a “gifted legendary who probably holds the world record in awards, honours and recognition.”

“My good friend and big brother Chiwetalu Agu said I should tell you to disregard the wicked rumour that has gone viral about his demise…,” he wrote.


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