I left Nigeria’s music industry because it wasn’t sustainable – eLDee

I left Nigeria's music industry because it wasn't sustainable - eLDee

Nigerian rapper and record producer, Lanre Dabiri aka eLDee said he left Nigeria’s music industry because it wasn’t sustainable.

eLDee also stated that he made a conscious decision not to be an active musician in 2012, no because he was and it wasn’t working but because he needed a better option.

In an interview, eLDee said: “I realised that with the path that my music was taking me, I wouldn’t have time for my family and they are more important. Also, I didn’t want to raise my children in the environment that I was in at the time; I needed to take them away because they had better options.

“The business side of music for me wasn’t making sense anymore; I realised that it was not something that was sustainable; it was not something I could do for the next 20 years; it was something that had to end at some point. Music wasn’t going to see me through retirement, so I decided to do something else.

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“The other businesses I was doing outside of music was making more money for me at the time so I didn’t even need a forecast to make that decision; I realised music was taking 80 per cent of my time and the other things I was doing with my remaining 20 per cent were bringing in more money. It would be very foolish of me to dedicate 80 per cent of my time to music.

“I didn’t want to be that guy that people would post his story online that he needed money to treat himself. I am glad I made the decision when I did; I am in a much better place mentally, physically and financially.

“I don’t regret leaving the music industry. I miss the creative part, but I don’t miss all the troubles that come with being a Nigerian musician. I never would have been that guy to have baby mama issues; it is about character.”

Eldee is now an IT Consultant based in the United States


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