Lionel Messi’s name was apparently enough to rescue an Argentine grandmother from Hamas abductors in Gaza, as she describes her terrifying ordeal.

How Messi Saved Argentine Grandmother From Hamas Abductors
Lionel Messi

On the fateful morning of October 7, 90-year-old Ester Cunio found herself facing a nightmare as armed intruders stormed her home in the Israeli Kibbutz Nir Oz.


Alongside eight members of her family, Ester faced the terrifying prospect of being abducted and taken to Gaza.

However, a single utterance changed the course of events – the mention of Lionel Messi’s name.

Confronted by gunmen demanding the whereabouts of her family, Ester’s revelation of her Argentine heritage and love for football, particularly Messi, triggered a remarkable transformation in her assailant’s demeanour.

The mention of Messi’s name acted as a beacon of hope in the darkness of terror, prompting the gunman to relinquish his hostility and even pose for a photo with Ester.


Messi’s Influence 

Speaking candidly about her ordeal to Fuente Latina (via Marca), Ester explained: “I told him that I speak in Argentine, in Spanish.

“I didn’t understand his language.

“The Arab language, and I speak poor Hebrew.

“I speak Argentinean Spanish, so he asks what Argentina is.


“Then I tell him, ‘do you watch football?’

“He said he liked it, and I told him I am from Messi’s country.


“He was surprised and told me he loves Messi.

“Then he put his arm on my shoulder, gave me his gun, he made me do the peace sign and they snapped the picture.”

While she was spared further harm, Ester’s joy was tempered by the anguish of knowing that her grandchildren remained captive in Gaza.

She has now put in a fervent request for Messi to intervene on behalf of her imprisoned grandchildren so that they can be saved as well.

“If he [Lionel] knows that I mentioned him and was saved, now I would ask for my grandchildren who are locked up there.

“I would tell him to please pray to God because they are guys worth gold.”

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Despite the widespread attention garnered by Ester’s narrative, there has been no official confirmation from Messi regarding his awareness of the incident.

Nonetheless, it highlights that the profound impact of his name resonates far beyond the realm of sports, serving as a symbol of hope and solidarity in the darkest of times.

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