Coronavirus: No Threat of Coronavirus in Nigeria…. FG

Coronavirus: No Threat of Coronavirus in Nigeria…. FG
By Anthony Okafor

The federal government has declared that there is no threat of Coronavirus in Nigeria, stating that the outcome of the panda supermarket shutdown and investigation will not result in the threat of Coronavirus.
Addressing newsmen in Abuja Wednesday, the Chief Executive of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera, said the investigation is still ongoing with respect to everything they have worked on and there is absolutely no reason to be concerned that the outcome of the investigation will result in the threat of Coronavirus.
He said: “My sense of it is that I don’t believe that there are any threats with respect to the products that have been found in this place. However is the process that we found, the manner we found the products, the lack of clarity about how the products have arrived in this country.
“Can that present a possibility for a future threat?, the answer is yes if you do not address it.”
Irukera added that the objective of this is not about a virus threat but about a process to protect consumers in Nigeria, the agency is unapologetic about it and there should be no reprisal activity or conduct towards nationals of any particular country.
He maintained that “the assumption is not that products are coming from china to Nigeria are potentially compromised but like I said we are considering in abundance the caution just to be sure that every measure to protect the community are activated.
“I am more concerned that there’s potential for any of the food items in Nigeria to be carried out at this point, but the reason why I am not concerned is the quality of the vigilance and what we are doing.”

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Speaking about other agencies compliance in tackling the prevailing threat, he said “NAFDAC, FCCPC have all activated different protocols, being that the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is not a primary agency for managing that kind of thing, but we all work together with the federal government and with the information that we develop and provide.
“The investigation is continuing, the NAFDAC and FCCPC operatives are inside right now. In addition a lot of senior operatives of panda super market are actually in our office right now, answering questions and assisting the investigation.”
“One of the key areas of the interrogation in our office right now is the supply chain that panda follow through to get its products and so we will be providing that information obviously to relevant authorities to ensure that they will be acting as swiftly as we have.”
When contacted, Mr wang jingxi of The China Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria said “I have contacted the supermarket owner, who said that they will actively cooperate with the government and are willing to accept the inspection.”

Nigeria’s economy’ll no longer depend on commodities — FG

He added that the Supermarket guarantees that all goods in the supermarket are absolutely safe, and that consumers should be rest assured.
[9:00 AM, 1/29/2020] Prince Okafor iBrandTV: “You too like yansh” – Charly boy accuses Anambra state governor
By Anthony Okafor
Self acclaimed area father and son of a former justice minister in Nigeria, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa , popularly known as Charly Boy, has accused the governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano, of being interested more in his female workers than interesting state matters he proposed to him, saying “Willy like yansh, no be here”.
“Willy is loud, most times pompous and braggadocios. His own poison no be here. I went to him a few times since he became governor to know what we can do with the youths in Anambra state and in fact Igbo land, but Willy wasn’t so interested in working with us. He bragged of how he has all areas covered and seemed more interested in my female workers than the business of the youths. Willy like yansh no be here…I stopped calling or reaching out to him, because our meetings no dey yield any action for the street people. So I just give am long rope, as an Emperor concern. You can imagine my surprise when I was called by Willy all the way from Rome. As usual, e no waste time to start to blow his trumpet again. He was excited as he bored me shitless with the story of his knighthood by the Pope. In his words, it is to be the highest honor bestowed on an African he claimed. Haba, Willy, which kin lie be dat naa?
Justice Oputa received his knighthood from the Pope too, and guess what? The gentleman did not lobby for it sam sam.” Charly Boy posted on his Instagram handle.


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