On Saturday, March 2, 2024, news broke that ‘Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu is dead’.

His death, like a sword in the hands of a mighty warlord, pierced through the heart of the Nigerian film industry.


Mr Ibu died of cardiac arrest at the age of 62 on Saturday.

5 Controversies Surrounding Late Mr Ibu’s Death
Photo of Mr Ibu in the hospital

Most saddened are Nigerians, who for decades, Mr Ibu brought smiles to their faces through the screen.


Of a truth, the news of his demise swept through in cold silence, sending cold shivers down their spine.

Indeed, Mr Ibu left an indelible mark in the Nigerian movie industry that may be difficult for fans to forget quickly.


Okafor’s death, just like that of many celebrities, was not void of controversy.

Many of these controversies are already known, while many remain unknown.

Well, in this article, we will discuss some controversies surrounding Mr Ibu’s death and his final days before his demise.


Mr Ibu’s tribulations did not begin today.


As far back as 2014, many fans expressed concern for Mr Ibu over his bloated stomach.

In response, the actor, in an interview at the time, recounted how his worker poisoned him.


According to him, though he survived the attack, the residual effect of the toxin has destroyed parts of his digestive system and stomach wall.

Romance With Adopted Daughter Jasmine

Earlier in 2023, before the health of the movie star deteriorated, his wife, Stella Maris, in a social media post, said that Jasmine was not her husband’s adopted daughter but lover.

She accused Jasmine of sleeping with her husband, but she (Jasmine) denied the allegation.

According to Jasmine, her relationship with the thespian has been like that of a daughter and father.

Embezzlement Of Donations

Prior to his demise, particularly during the ill-health days of the movie star, many Nigerians and public figures made financial donations.

These donations, which ran into millions of Naira was meant to care for Mr Ibu’s ailment.

But, while Mr Ibu was still at the hospital, his wife, Stella Maris, called out Jasmine, for conspiring with his son, Valentine Okafor, to embezzle her husband’s donations.

Stella claimed that Jasmine had refused to allow her access to the fund.

In response, Jasmine alleged that Mr Ibu’s wife was requesting money to buy a car and an iPhone.

Well, days after the social media banter, Jasmine and Valentine were arrested in Lagos for embezzlement of funds meant for Mr Ibu’s treatment.

They were later released, and all the charges were withdrawn.

Leg Amputation

After Mr Ibu’s leg was amputated in 2023, there were claims online that the actor’s health issues were related to diabetes.

However, Mr Ibu’s family debunked the claim, stating that he has been dealing with blood clotting in his leg, attributed to disease in blood vessels.

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Unhappy Marriages

Mr Ibu’s death has raised so many questions. Questions like, what really killed him?

You see, having health complications is one thing, having peace of mind is another. In fact, the holy book says a happy spirit does so much good to the body.

But it was not so for the late actor.

Indeed, a look at his life, you will see that it is obvious that Mr Ibu did not know peace, particularly in his marriage.

One cannot help but wonder the implications of this lack of peace and how it may have contributed to his tragic end.

In fact, in an interview with PUNCH, the movie star revealed that he had been married five times.

Mr Ibu also said he had never been happy in his marriage, adding that his last to Stella Maris had been his worst.

In his words: “This is my final marriage. If this one falls apart, I won’t marry again.

“This is my fifth and the worst marriage because my wife embraces what is not obtainable.

“This feels like punishment and not marriage. I doubt if I’m still in the marriage because it seems she has already prepared her mind to leave, and I’m not going to stop her.

” I’m in support of her leaving. I begin to breathe erratically each time I see her, and it’s not healthy for me because I’m not ready to die”.

Bottom Line

You see, one of the best things you can do for yourself in this life is to marry your friend. Someone that could give up a lot for your happiness.

Also grow with her and know her better. A male or female who has no peace in heart, as a result of heat from their marriage (wife) could end up badly.

If you are not happy in your marriage, do what you have to do to get that happiness you desire, and make sure it is one that will last a lifetime.

Do not seek happiness in drug or other substances, for that kind of happiness is short-lived.


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