126 farmers benefit from training on climate-smart poultry farming in FCT

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The abundance of Hope Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organization, on Monday commenced training on climate-smart poultry farming for 126 farmers in Abuja.

Executive Director of the organisation, Mr Taiye Sasona, said the training was geared towards increasing productivity and enhancing food security.

The farmers received training on lean organic poultry system, use of digital marketing to sell their birds, economy of poultry business among others.

Distributing some inputs to the farmers, Sasona said it was critical to assist them start their poultry business immediately.

Items distributed to the poultry farmers are feeds, water drinker, feeders, organic vitamins and birds.

According to him, the inputs would assist the farmers to increase their production and in turn enhance food security in the country.

“We are here to learn how to do poultry farming, how to improve as poultry farmers and to learn how to be conscious of our environment while involved in poultry farming,’’ Sasona said.

While cautioning the farmers to avoid using any kind of medication to treat their birds, he urged them to get more education on poultry farming.

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“As it was revealed today, how can you be using “Hypo” chemical to treat birds?, it is not good and that is why we asked them to come so that they can learn,’’ Sasona said.

Miss Kanyanat Kongsanphan, representative of ACC Miracle Feeders Limited, specialists in agricultural inputs, advocated for the use of organics in agriculture.

“Chemicals are not good as they can affect the environment and the body.

“I encourage you to use organics and do away with chemicals.

“Organic is good to our body and it makes us live longer,’’ Kongsanphan said.

Some of the poultry farmers described the training as insightful and critical in informing them of best ways to practice climate-smart poultry farming.

Mr Michael Orji, Managing Director, Macx Integrated Farms, said “I have actually been looking for this opportunity because I am just venturing into poultry business”.

“For any new business you are venturing, you must have background knowledge, so I am very happy I am part of this and it is very insightful because I have learnt a lot.

“The consultants have been able to assemble a whole lot in the area of farm management, feed production, biosecurity and general farm management,’’ Orji said.

Similarly, Mrs Sefinni Justina, representing Ajisefinni Farms, said the knowledge acquired from the training would help her to grow her farm.

“I have learnt how to grow my birds, how I can start from small to big.

“I had little knowledge of poultry farming but I believe the knowledge from this training is going to help me transform my farm,’’ Justina said


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