After the ministerial nominee from Kaduna State, Balarabe Lawal, slumped during his ministerial screening, many persons may have seen that to be the end of the road for him.

However, that incident did not stop the Senate from confirming his nomination and they say there is a reason for it.

Balarabe Abbas
Balarabe Abbas

The Senate said the ministerial nominee from Kaduna State, Balarabe Lawal, was confirmed despite the fact that he fainted because he had passed all the necessary checks.


Ministerial Nominees

The Red Chamber, on Wednesday, confirmed three additional ministerial nominees sent to the National Assembly by President Bola Tinubu.

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The nominees who were screened and confirmed were:
Balarabe Abbas Lawal from Kaduna State
Dr Jamila Bio Ibrahim from Kwara State
Ayodele Olawande from Ondo State.

The three nominees were confirmed after their screening which was presided over by the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio.

On the reason for the decision, the Spokesperson for the Senate, Yemi Adaramodu, said the Red Chamber went on to confirm Balarabe after he had satisfied all the necessary requirements.

Can’t Serve In Death

Adaramodu added that Lawal went down during his screening due to fatigue, stating that he has been stabilised and is okay now.

He said: “The nominee has been stabilised, and he is fine now. Due to fatigue, he went down during his screening.


“The nominee wanted to continue, but the Senate told him to go and seek further medical attention and rest.”

“We told him we had his resumé, which is very rich, so we didn’t see the need to labour him anymore.

“The nominee wanted to continue with the screening, but the Senate insisted that he shouldn’t.

“We told him that he truly wanted to serve Nigeria, but he couldn’t serve Nigeria in death.

“He needs to be alive to serve.

“We have seen his resumé, we have heard from him, and all necessary security checks have been confirmed.”

Speaking further, Adaramodu added that the Senate was also impressed by the performance of the two youthful nominees.


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