Nigerians are known to have resilient spirit irrespective of any challenge. This applies to Pelumi Nubi, the content creator who undertook a solo road trip from London to Lagos. Are you willing to take up this challenge at anytime .

Pelumi Nubi: Essential Road Tips for Cross-Country Travel
Pelumi Nubi

Here are some essential tips if you want to travel across countries by road.


Plan Your Route

In advance, to ensure you visit all desired sights and avoid road closures or construction, use apps like Roadtrippers or Google Map.

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Download Road Trip Apps

There are many apps available that can help make your road trip more enjoyable, such as GasBuddy (find cheap gas), Waze (avoid traffic), and Exit (find rest stops and restaurants).

Carry Essential Kits

Keep a roadside emergency kit with essentials like a spare tire, jumper cables, spanners and first-aid kit for unexpected situations.


Take Breaks 

Regular breaks, such as stretching, snacking, and eye rest, are essential for preventing fatigue and maintaining alertness while driving.

In Conclusion, Remember to stay safe, enjoy the journey, and take in all the amazing sights and experiences along the way.


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