Months into piloting the affairs of Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu’s administration that promised a Renewed Hope is already gradually becoming ‘Renewed Shege’.


This new phrase is part of the several reactions have trailed the increase in the pump prices of Petrol, known as Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), from ₦537 to ₦617 per Litre.

This is coming after the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) increased the price of Petrol across the country.


NNPC fuel stations in Abuja witnessed brief queues, particularly the one located along Murtala Mohammed Express road in Kado remained shut for a few hours.

This was as the Petrol attendants adjusted their fuel pumps to reflect the new price of ₦617.


Also, NNPCL fuel stations in Ushafa and one of its mega stations at Durumi, in the Federal Capital Territory, increased their pump prices.

What Nigerians Are Saying

Following the development, some Nigerians took to social media to berate the Federal Government for increasing the pump price of petrol at this time.

Also, others mocked supporters of President Tinubu the ruling party.

@bunmi_speaks wrote: “Una shege never even start.


“The God you people didn’t remember when you all were adamantly going to renew your suffering at the polls in that rigged electoral system, although all the warnings from some of us who knew how this would turn out are the God you will now be forced to turn to, to see you through for the next eight years of torment and hard labour”.

@Morris_Monye wrote: “If a whole NNPC fuel station is selling for 617 then how much are others selling. We are now in a state of Omo!”.


@stainless231 wrote: “This time shall favor me and my household. On this mandate, we shall stand!!!!!”.

@191Introvert wrote: “On your mandate 😂😂 na una go lead protest laslas out of shame”.

@Allezamani wrote: “If you’re a Tinubu supporter and you’re seeing this, you shall face double hardship in your life. Idiots”.

@tweetsbyobinna wrote: “APC will buy for 2 Naira. Useless people”.

@AddyAdeyemiAddy wrote: “The agbado muchers go hear am. As for me and my family we dey kampe”.

@maxisneh wrote: “Is the fixed price for everyone or Agbado people will be getting a discount. Just asking respectfully for people at the back”.

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@imjennnenna wrote: “Renewed shege fully activated”.

@Oluchisxn wrote: “Omo I don abort mission to buy Gen”.


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