In a world where billers lurk around every corner on payday, armed with invoices and pleas for attention, it’s time to flip the script.

This isn’t just about collecting your salary; it’s about avoiding extra bills you don’t need.



Here are a few ways to dodge those annoying bills and make sure your money stays where it belongs with you.


It’s not just about a pay cheque; it’s about making smart moves to keep your money safe.

1. Bill The Biller Before They Bill You

This strategy is known as counter-billing. With Salary Day just two days away, there’s no time to waste. Enter their DM with a “Boss” today.


Even the lastborn in your family is not excluded from counter-billing.

You see, calling them boss, makes them tone down their desire to ask you for some urgent 2k.

2. Practice Counter-Whining

One billing method that all billers use is the whining method. If they complement your glowing skin, tell them their skin is so clear that you can almost see your reflection.

If they call you a boss, refer to them as chief.


Indeed, may the best whiner win.

3. Take A Social Media Break

Do you really need to post the August dump again? Are you part of a cult, or do you just enjoy being billed?


You won’t die if you don’t showcase all the good food and nice places you visited in August.

Take a short social media break and continue your low-key enjoyment.

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