The social media space has been buzzing with reactions after a video of police officers unable to express themselves during a head count surfaced online.

 Embarrassing Video Of Police Officers Counting 1-100


The video shows what appears to be a group of police officers counting from 1 to 100. However, some of the officers failed woefully to follow the numerical count.

Watch video here:


Social media users baffled by the video, wondered if the officers attended a primary school let alone secondary school.

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Some also wondered if these officers could read the constitution in order to uphold it.

See reactions below:

official_santiago_1: Hundred 7, Na god go punish all of you for that station.

djteewyse19: Pipty 😂😂

swizz04: How this one’s go know the rules of the Law?


da__mi123: Omo I no fit laugh Abeg make person no go pee for body 😂😂😂😂

hynezz_bobo: Awon olopa oran 🚶


evayoung_photography: Na android 1 I dey here oo , join me if na wetin you here be that

danteblaad: Tunty pipe bawo? 🤣 how this ones wan know constitution?

king_sugar_leo: Hundred 1

haryomide_is_here: Porty pipe (45) 😂😂😂

oxygen_level24: All of them na olodo😂😂😂

fedido16: Android 9 🤣🤣👏

fiber_boy01: 😂😂😂 23 to 25

The way the numbers were inflated at some point, leaves one wondering if this is not an offshoot of the level of corruption, sitting in the mind.


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