Barcelona firmly supports Xavi Hernandez as their manager, but in secret they are beginning to consider Michel Sanchez of Girona as an option.

Barcelona Keeping Tabs On Girona Boss Michel Sanchez
Michel Sanchez

President Joan Laporta told Sport that Xavi was the greatest candidate for the position and that Barcelona is fully behind him.


However, Girona manager Michel Sanchez has been contacted by Barcelona as a potential manager in the future, as disclosed by Bar Canaletes [via Football Espana].

As long as Xavi achieves Barcelona’s goals, there’s no need for him to worry right away.

Even if the Blaugrana are having difficulties right now.

Any changes would have to wait until next summer due to La Liga regulations that only permit managers to oversee one team in a season.


Girona have been the team of the season, they have won 11 games.

However, they re now atop the division with 34 points after playing very fine football so far.

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They are also the league’s top scorers with 31 goals, two more than Atletico Madrid.


Sanchez’s Girona will next face off against Atheltic Club on November 27 as they look to get further atop the league.

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