The traditional ruler of Ewu kingdom in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, HRM Clement Ikolo Oghenerukevwe, has denied having a hand in the death of 17 Soldiers who were killed in the Okuama Community.

#OkuamaMassacre: Identity Of Persons Declared Wanted Over Killing Of Soldiers
Identity Of Persons Declared Wanted Over Killing Of Soldiers

Ikolo surrendered himself to the police after he and seven others were declared wanted by the Defence Headquarters.

Oghenerukevwe has been taken into custody by the Delta State Police Command.


The monarch was declared wanted alongside the president general of Ewu, Prof Ekpekpo Arthur, and six others.

The Press Conference

But shortly before surrendering to the police, the traditional ruler reportedly addressed journalists at a press conference.

A statement by the traditional in the briefing read, “I am very surprised that my name as the monarch of the kingdom will appear in the list of wanted persons.

“I have no hand in the killings. I have no hand in encouraging anybody to kill anybody.
It is against my philosophy as a human being and my faith as a Catholic.

“It is a serious crime against humanity, and they need to look at the appropriate places and do a thorough investigation to know all those who have committed this and bring them to book and let justice prevail.

The Arrangement

“I am not a party to this.
Like I have said earlier, the state government is aware of the turbulence I have been going through.

As I speak, an arrangement was made by the government to invite the opponents recently just before these happenings.


“To invite those who are fighting me in the kingdom to reconcile the differences and allow me to go into the kingdom and start to rule as the monarch of the place.

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“I have not been able to set up anything, not even my traditional council. I have done nothing in the kingdom.

“So I barely know anything right now. I have no information.
I know nothing; I am only just in the process of setting up a structure to enable me to rule in the kingdom.”


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