Some months ago, cries of #justiceformohbad rented the air, this time netizens are seeking #justicefornamtira.

#justicefornamtira lead British school

However, Namtira will be full of joy as she is alive to witness the cry of Justice made on her behalf.

The fight against bullying is one that has been fought for for the longest.


Over the years, Bullying has been demonstrated across different sectors, establishments, schools, religious bodies and so on.

If not for the advent of social media, how would the world have known what young Namtira and many other students are going through in the hands of bullies.


According to an X user @mooyeeeeeee, a female student at Lead British International School in Abuja was bullied by her classmates.

She is seeking Justice on behalf of the student identified as Namtira.

The X user stated that she wanted the message to go viral in order to get justice for the victim in an SOS post that was made on Monday night and included two videos.

One of the videos showed the bully asking Namtira, “Who broke my heart?” as she repeatedly slapped her.

Another X user, Omolomo called out legal practitioner, Bwala Daniel alleging the girl being bullied as his daughter and demanded Justice.


“Good morning @BwalaDaniel here is a video evidence showing your daughter,

Namtira Bwala being bullied by a girl named Maryam Hassan and her fellow cohorts in school.

Total Count Of Physical Assault

“18 slaps

1 pushing

1 choking of mouth.
Total number of times hands was laid on her face = 20.

Omolomo pleaded that the case shouldn’t be overlooked as Nigerians want Justice.

“@Princemoye1 please look into it, all we want is justice for this innocent girl.

“We won’t rest until til Namtira gets justice.”

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#justicefornamtira is currently trending on the internet as Netizens want nothing but Justice for Namtira and every other student being bullied in learning institutions.


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