Aston Villa star, Alisha Lehmann revealed her rapping talent and even gave a sneak peak of the lyrics of a new song.

Alisha Lehmann Showcases Rapping Talent
Alisha Lehmann

The Swiss international is known for her talent to dribble past defenders and ripple the net.


However, Lehmann revealed that she has a talent for rapping as well when she appeared in the BBC’s series “Unlocked”.

When asked about the most recent addition to her Notes she divulged that she along with her former Aston Villa team-mate Shania Hayles have been trying their hands at a rap song.

“My last note?” she asked through laughter.

“Me and Shania [Hayles] – she played with me last season – we wrote a little rap song.


“But I can’t show it,” she said. “It’s unreleased.

“You will hear it when it’s released.”

However, after repeated coaxing, she shared a line that went like this:

“I have a necklace right? It [says] ‘AL’,” before reading the line:


‘Strutting with my necklace on, it’s AL baby that’s my name’.”

When asked if she would release the song, Lehmann promptly replied: “No obviously [not] I’m a footballer!”


Lehmann is an Instagram sensation and boasts of having over 16 million fans on the social media platform, which makes her one of the most followed women’s football figures globally.

Her popularity cut across celebrities including some Hollywood A-listers.

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Lehmann had earlier revealed that music sensation Drake sent her a private text message asking for a jersey.

Whereas, on another occasion, she was offered  £90,000 by a famous celeb while she was partying at a club in Miami.

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