Every year, the International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated globally on October 11 in recognition of gender-based violence and barriers faced by girls around the world.

International Day Of The Girl Child


This day of observance was declared by the United Nations to highlight the inequality faced by girl children, with the aim of raising their voices.

Here are five simple ways you can join the celebration.


1. Share Stories Of Inspirational Girls

One of the easiest ways to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child is by sharing stories of inspirational girls and young women who have overcome obstacles and achieved greatness.

2. Educate Yourself And Others

On this International Day of the Girl Child, take some time to learn about the unique challenges that girls face around the world.


These challenges can include limited access to education, child marriage, gender-based violence, and unequal opportunities in many areas of life.

Once you’ve gained some knowledge, share what you’ve learned with others.

Raising awareness is an essential step toward creating change and advocating for gender equality.

3. Support Girls’ Dreams And Aspirations

Empower the girls in your life to dream big and pursue their goals. Offer mentorship or guidance if you can.


Sometimes, a supportive role model can make a world of difference in a girl’s life.

Encourage them to participate in activities that interest them and help build their confidence.


Your support can help them realise their potential and become leaders in their communities.

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