Earlier on Friday, a report circulated, stating that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) banned the usage of Ghana Must Go as travelling bags at the airport.

FAAN Ghana must go bag
Ghana must go bag

In the circular, FAAN explained that the nation’s airlines were steadily incurring huge costs due to the damages caused by the use of the infamous Ghana-Must-Go bags, used mostly for the convenient packaging belongings.

Passengers were advised to stop the use of Ghana-Must-Go bags and use cartons or something related to it instead for the packing of items for travelling.


Also, luggage brought in the prohibited bags must be well wrapped before the airports can accept them.

The ban took effect on November 25, 2023 in some of the airports.

However, FAAN has come out to clarify that, the ban on “Ghana must go” bags was issued by Ethiopian Airlines and not the Federal Government.

The airport authority made this clarification in a terse post on its X handle on Friday, responding to a report making the rounds on the ban of “Ghana must go” bags in Nigeria’s Airports.

Nigeria’s airport regulatory agency said the purported circular was from Ethiopian Airlines to its customers.

“The ban is from Ethiopian Airlines, not FAAN or the Federal Government of Nigeria”, FAAN posted.

Meanwhile, the circular from Ethiopian Airlines informed its customers of restrictions on the usage of Ghana-must-go bags.


“We would like to inform you of a restriction regarding using irregularly shaped packages on Ethiopian Airlines Flights.

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It is strictly prohibited to bring “Ghana must go” bags unless they are adequately packed in a carton or hardcover rectangular container”, the circular read.

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