Wizkid’s 1st Baby Mama Warn Ladies To stop Sending Unclad Photos To Her Son

Music star Wizkid’s first baby mama Shola Ogudu has recently taken to her social media to express her shock at the things she sees in her son Boluwatife’s DM.
According to her, some grown ladies send her 9-year-old son Unclad photos of themselves and this has made her to send a Stern warning to those involved in this act.

Wizkid's 1st Baby Mama Warns Ladies To stop Sending Unclad Photos To Her Son

Shola explained that her son signed up on Instagram with her phone as well as his own phone and she helps him post whatever he wants to go on his page.

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She noted that she went through his DM lately and came accross the kind of messages that he gets especially from ladies.
This prompted her to do an Instagram live on her son’s page to give a stern warning to the ladies sending her young son unclad photos of themselves.
She maintained that if they don’t desist from sending such to his DM, she would screenshot their pages as well as the messages they send to her son and share them on the platform for the world to see.
Read what she said below:
“My son is only 9-years-old and the kind of DMs he gets from grown women is something else. Is it that men have finished in the world? It is a 9-year-old people are sending unclad photos to. Stop it because if you do not stop it, I will call you out. I will screenshot your page, screenshot your photos and post it on his stories. Since you want people to see your beautiful body, we will help you to spread the word.”
Shola also shared some of the messages in her son’s DMs on his Instagram stories.
Wizkid's 1st Baby Mama Warns Ladies To stop Sending Unclad Photos To Her Son


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