Williams Uchemba Dares Blogger To Provide Evidence Against Him

Williams Uchemba

Newly wedded actor, Williams Uchemba has taken to social media to clarify an allegation made against him.

Some days back, a blogger simply called Ken Ugo accused the actor that he is not straight. In a now deleted post, Ken noted that he does not understand why a man who is into men will decide to get married to a woman.

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He noted further that Williams marriage is dead on arrival adding that his wife will soon cry out for help.

In response to the allegation, the movie star stated that his accuser must ensure that he has an evidence to back up his claims.

The actor stated that he usually ignores some accusations, he said he decided to pay attention to the one about him not being straight and also wanted to clarify it on time.

According to Williams, he does not know anyone by the name Williams Uche which the poster mentioned, but anyone who has an accusation against Williams Uchemba must have an evidence to back it up because if the acusation is wrong, he will respond to it with the full weight of every legal option at his disposal.

The Nollywood actor went on to note that chasing clout seems like fun until the clout turns around and bites the person.

Read his full statement below:


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