The advent of social media came with promising advantages, however, it also came with loads of disadvantages.

One of such disadvantages in the difficulties it poses for parents who are no longer able to control what their children watch.

Why Your Children Must Not Watch Spartacus


Before the introduction of social media, parents had full control of what their children watch or listen to, however, all that is in the past now.

However, parents and guardians must not relent in their efforts to protect their children from contents rated above their age.

We believe that by now, you may have seen that the movie series, Spartacus is trending.

If your child, or children as the case maybe have phones, then we believe they must have seen it too.

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You see, social media trends have a way of pricking one’s curiosity as many users get excited to find out why it is trending.

Spartacus features many adult and X-rated scenes which are not meant for children.


Many of these scenes are currently trending on X, leaving #Spartacus on top of the trend chart.

As we speak, nude images and videos have flooded the internet.

We understand how difficult it is for parents to control what their children watch, especially now.

However, parents must be very inquisitive in this regard.

If your child is not up to eighteen and he/she has a phone, for security reasons etc., it is advisable to always go through that phone.


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