Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has been in the spotlight recently for a heated public feud with a social media personality, VeryDarkMan.

This feud has not only grabbed the interest of their fans but has also led to many discussions online.

 Why Iyabo Ojo is Fighting Very Dark Man


Iyabo Ojo and VeryDarkMan started a conflict with each other by making accusations and countering each other’s submissions.

VeryDarkMan’s Controversial Views

VeryDarkMan, known for his blunt and often controversial views, made several derogatory remarks about Iyabo Ojo, which she did not take lightly.

VeryDarkMan’s comments went beyond criticism and became personal attacks and accusations of wrongdoing against Iyabo Ojo.

In response, Iyabo Ojo chose to protect her reputation publicly.

Iyabo Ojo’s Reactions

The nollywood actress reacted by going live on Instagram to directly confront the accusations.

She described VeryDarkMan’s claims as unfounded and damaging.

She emphasised: “I won’t stay silent when someone tries to ruin my reputation and everything I’ve worked so hard for”.


VeryDarkMan posted a video in which he questioned her parenting skills and accused her of neglecting her responsibilities.

This video quickly went viral, drawing both criticism and support from his followers.

In a recent video, she addressed Verydarkman’s upbringing, suggesting he wasn’t raised properly.

The video quickly went viral, with the Nollywood actress discussing what she might say or do if she met VDM’s mother face-to-face.

Also, Iyabo Ojo made it clear she had no intention of apologising to VDM.

This sparks reactions across social media.

The dispute has mainly played out on social media, with both Iyabo Ojo and VeryDarkMan using their platforms to express their viewpoints.

Iyabo, who has a large Instagram following, posted multiple videos and messages about the situation.

Meanwhile, Very Dark Man has kept posting Video contents, escalating the conflict.

The actress posted screenshots of private messages that VeryDarkMan allegedly sent, threatening to expose more personal details about her life.

She captioned one post: “This shows how far some people will go for attention and clout”.

Seun Kuti

In another report, the Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti accused Iyabo Ojo of politicising Mohbad’s death.

Seun claimed that the justice for Mohbad campaign was actually an agenda against Naira Marley.

He also suggested that Iyabo Ojo should sue VDM instead of having the police arrest him.

Public Reactions

Some fans have supported Iyabo Ojo, praising her for standing up against cyberbullying and defamation.

Others have sided with VeryDarkMan, viewing his comments as a form of social commentary.

One fan tweeted: “Iyabo Ojo is a strong woman for defending herself. We need more people like her who won’t let bullies win”.

Another commented: “VeryDarkMan is just telling it like it is. Sometimes the truth hurts”.

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The ongoing feud between the Nollywood star and VeryDarkMan highlights the difficulty of handling public arguments online.

It’s unclear if they will settle their differences or engage in a more heated conflict.

It has definitely grabbed people’s attention and started a bigger discussion about online behavior and responsibility.

Now, everyone wants the front seat.

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