Why I went hard on Housemates, by Erica

Erica has revealed some Housemates are not happy with her role as the Head of House.

She made this known during her diary session with Biggie on Day 25 in the House.

Erica said she had to go hard on those who weren’t okay with her at some points.

“The people who were not okay with it, I was kind of hard on them,” she said.

She further shed light on the heated argument she had with Lucy.

“I had an argument with Lucy over and over because she just makes everything all about her. We had a task to do but she just turned everything to her personal problem and I was like okay can we focus on the task and then when we are done with the task you can focus on your issues?

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“She wouldn’t agree, she just had to leave at some point and we even had to ignore her and then she did the same thing yesterday again but I told everyone to just ignore her because the more you respond she just keeps on talking”.

The actress and former beauty queen also disclosed she misses social media.

She, however, asked Biggie to play more House music and electronic dance music


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