Bolaji Idowu, a Lagos-based pastor, slammed churchmen who date multiple women.

While preaching in his church recently, the clergyman asked such boys to learn how to discipline their erections.

Bolaji Idowu
Bolaji Idowu

“Guys, can you please stop this habit if you are in church and you are dating five people? It is a bad habit. Discipline your erection.


“And when they ask you what you are doing with her, you say, ‘Well, it’s not as though we are dating, but we are somewhere’
“You are not your own!

Also, he took a swipe at Christians, using swear words and F-language.

“And all these Christians that keep using F words, even pastors. It’s so mind-blowing for me. What happened to our language? When did we start using swear words?

“This same mouth you use to speak in tongues is the same mouth you use for swear words. Don’t you know your tongue is sanctified?

“How do I check your phones and all of a sudden, a Triple X is appearing on your phone. and I am seeing all these naked men and women having sex. What happened to your phone? Your phone belongs to the Lord. It is sanctified”

In addition, Bolaji Idowu spoke to the ladies who date multiple men at the same time.

‘’Girls, you can’t keep jumping from John to James to Victor every two months. No! Before you get married, it is a prayerful decision.


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“You are not your own. We don’t judge who we are going to marry by their bank account. We judge who to marry by the guidance of the Holy Spirit because a bank account can be full today but empty tomorrow.”

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