Video: How 5 aid workers were murder by Boko Haram in Borno

Video: How 5 aid worker were murder by Boko Haram in Borno

Boko Haram insurgents on Wednesday executed five humanitarian aid workers in Borno State.

The aid workers included a staff of the Borno State Emergency Management Agency, Action Against Hunger, Rich International, International Rescue Committee and a security guard.

The insurgents were believed to have demanded $500,000 as ransom for the release of the aid workers, who had been in their custody for about a month.

In a message by the insurgents before executing the workers, they said: “We are sending this as a very strong message to you unbelievers and infidels. And to those of you that are being used by these infidels to repent.

“You are working for them but they do not have any concern about you. You worked for them to achieve their goals but they are very far from your plight.

“They do not show you any care. Look at you now. When we kidnap you they don’t care. They show no concern. We are calling on all you unbelievers to repent and turn to Allah.

“We will continue to abduct you people at every road that we see you if you don’t repent to work for them. It is a warning to all of you,” the translation of the voice talking in the video reads.

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Meanwhile, the Nigerian office of Amnesty International has condemned the killing of the aid workers, saying with the horrific killing, the insurgents have again demonstrated its brazen disregard for life.

“Amnesty International condemns the killing of aid workers by Boko Haram. With yet another horrific killing of humanitarian workers, Boko Haram has again demonstrated its brazen disregard for life.

“Aid workers are providing desperately-needed humanitarian services to people affected by the conflict in the northeast of Nigeria. Under international humanitarian law, all aid workers must be protected from attack. Killing them is a war crime,” Amnesty International stated.

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