Nigerian social media critic, VeryDarkMan, has provided netizens with an inside look at what happened at Davido and Chioma’s wedding.

The socialite exposed several celebrities who attended, revealing that they did not receive the main invitation

VDM Reveals Iyabo Ojo, Papaya, and Others Were Not Invited to Main Chivido Wedding Party


Just a day after the star-studded ceremony, VDM took to his Instagram page to share a video calling out Iyabo Ojo.

Also, he called out Papaya Ex, Nkechi Blessing, and other skitmakers who attended Chivido 2024.

Iyabo Ojo

VeryDarkMan criticized Iyabo Ojo, alleging that she tried to blame traffic for her lateness to Davido and Chioma’s wedding.

Also, he claimed that she was only invited to the after-party, with her invitation clearly stating she would be admitted only from 5 PM.

VDM further explained that those invited to the main event arrived by 10 AM, while others were add-ons who came later.

Also, he said that people who recorded Davido in his black attire, rather than his red attire, were only at the afterparty and did not have any significant status.

Papaya Ex

VDM taunted social media influencer Papaya Ex, who was filmed presenting money to Chioma and Davido, pointing out that this happened at the afterparty.


However, He contrasted this by highlighting how socialite Jowi Zaza attended the main event

Also, he discreetly gifted Davido bundles of dollars.

VDM challenged Iyabo Ojo to share photos or videos of herself with Davido from the main event.

Nkechi Blessing

He then targeted actress Nkechi Blessing, sharing a clip of her showing her invitation to security at the entrance.

Furthermore, He noted that her afterparty invitation was the reason she couldn’t bring her boyfriend, Xxssive.


VDM also revealed that several skitmakers snuck into the venue because they were placed in tents outside the main hall.

In the latter part of the video, VeryDarkMan detailed how he had to make numerous calls to finally secure an invitation to Davido and Chioma’s wedding.

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Also, he recounted reaching out to Napoli football star Victor Osimhen, requesting to join his ride to the star-studded event.

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