Unstable power supply threatens effective online teaching – Educationist

electricityMr Babatunde Abdulkareem, Head of Political Science Department, Kwara College of Education, Oro, says lack of stable electricity supply is threatening effective online teaching and learning in the country.

Abdulkareem made this known in an interview with newsmen in Ilorin on Saturday.

He said due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, schools in the country had adopted virtual teaching and learning method.

According to him, lack of stable power supply will hinder effective teaching and learning process.

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“It is not all about access to internet facilities. Even most students who have access don’t have stable electricity supply to follow lectures at the right time.

“Where is the electricity to be able to follow up accurately with your timetable? Electricity is a major threat to effective online education in Nigeria.

“The government needs to first address issue of power supply before it can effectively campaign for online teaching and learning.

“The ongoing online teaching is one-sided and not effective. After resumption, I expect schools to start from where they stopped before the outbreak of the pandemic and carry all the students along,” he said.

Abdulkareem urged government at all levels to invest in education and power sector to help boost the economy.



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