Toyin Lawani’s Son Weeps Bitterly Over Death Of  Chadwick Boseman

Celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani’s Son Tenor has been greatly affected by the loss of Hollywood actor Chadwick Boseman.
In a video shared by the stylist on her Instagram page, her son was seen crying uncontrollably over the death of the actor. Chadwick died from colon cancer after a 4- year battle with the disease.
Chadwick who is popularly known for his role in Black Panther stood as a super hero to a lot of children as well as adults.
Recently, Lawani shared photos of herself with her son in a superhero outfit to commemorate the death of the actor and it appears the post did not go down well with some of her followers as they stated that she wanted to use the photo to trend.
Reacting to the comments, the stylist shared a video of her son crying and stated further that Chadwick is her son’s superhero and she is not trying to trend with the photos she shared at first.
 “My son loved this guy, lived for this guy, that’s his hero. please let’s mourn him in peace. He was my son’s superhero, he inspired @thereallordmaine to be greater. please be with us in prayer, my son is so down,” she wrote


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