Nigeria has walked the road of wealth that farming paves and ever since then, that memory is indelible. 

Different administrations have tried to move the nation back on the path that gave it a big name after the colonial masters left. Now, Tinubu Farmers Funds are here. 


What You Need To Know About Food Insecurity In Nigeria. Tinubu Farmers Funds

Sadly, the momentum of talks on this desired shift away from crude oil export often shudders before a mindset that only sees crude oil as a source of cool cash.


Every time, the sector continues to fall short, in terms of how much it brings into the economy and the nation’s accounts.

The worse is that the nation finds it hard to export most of its produce because of sharp practices and poor handling of agricultural produce.


But President Bola Tinubu wants to give it a shot again.

On Monday, in his speech to the nation marking his two months in office, he highlighted the role agriculture will play.

Nigerians are experiencing the highest inflation rate in decades.

It is occasioned by the removal of petrol subsidy and the unification of dollar rates.


After these ‘poorly planned’ policies were announced, nation that largely rely on imported goods, has seen its Naira fall to over 850 Naira to a dollar.

While dollar rises, the cost of buying petrol, which most households and companies rely on more to run, have moved south two times in two months.


Every single product in the market bears a mark of the current reality. Households are groaning.

Moderate Price Of Food Items

But President Tinubu is hopeful that his plan to lower the cost of food items and push for more inputs from farmers would work.

In the speech, President Tinubu said the government would moderate prices of food items by providing fertiser, seedlings and other inputs to farmers.

How can a farmer benefit from this Tinubu Farmers Funds?

How To Benefit From Tinubu Farmers Funds

Indeed, you must bear these in mind if you want to benefit from Tinubu Farmers funds.

1.  You Must Have Been Farming Before Now

First, you must have been farming before now.

According to President Tinubu, the government will select the beneficiaries by their strong performance record.

if you do not have a record, we suggest you consider starting a business, as small business holders will also benefit from the palliatives that the government is putting together.

2.  Know The Focus Crops

You see, recently, President Bola Tinubu declared a state of emergency on food security.

And on Monday, he poured impetus to this plan, reeling out a few strategies that his administration was working on.

The other aspects that the government is exploring are cultivation of 100,000 hectares of farmland and all year-round farming practice.

Also, the government will spend 200 billion Naira on the production of food.

This money is part of the 500 billion Naira that the National Assembly approved recently.

According to him, 50 billion Naira each would be spent on rice and maize farming.

Have You Seen The Entire Speech Of President Tinubu? 

He says another 50 billion Naira each would be spent in cultivation of wheat and cassava.

Also, the government would support the cultivation of 100,000 hectares, targeting small farm holders and leveraging large scale private sector players in agriculture.

3.  Understand Food Security Agenda

Finally, you must have an understanding of the government food security agenda to benefit from ‘Tinubu farmers funds’.

According to President Tinubu, it is crucial that you have a good understanding of the government’s policy on food security agenda.

Really, this will guide you on the right direction that the government is going. Also, you will know the very necessary steps that must yield quick returns to cushion inflation.

If you will love to explore agriculture, here is a video that will show you how to go about cassava farming.

How To Make Money From Cassava Farming In Nigeria


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