When president Tinubu said Nigerians on Japa chronicles still receive salaries from the government, people thought it was a joke. Now the breeze is opening up a hidden truth. A UK-based Nigerian is dropping a bombshell.  

In a revealing account, a Nigerian civil servant who moved to the United Kingdom (UK) in 2022 disclosed that he continues to receive his monthly salary despite not reporting to work.

This UK-Based Nigerian Still Receive Salary from Nigeria Two Years After Relocating


The 36-year-old, now a taxi driver in the UK and referred to as Daniel for confidentiality, told the BBC on Sunday that he receives ₦150,000 monthly from his job in Nigeria, thanks to an understanding with his boss.

Recently, the Federal Government pledged to crack down on Nigerian government workers who have relocated abroad but continue to receive salaries.

In fact, on Saturday, June 22, 2024, President Bola Tinubu expressed his dismay at revelations from the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation about employees living abroad. He says they still draw salaries without formally resigning.

President Tinubu Issued A statement

He ordered that the “culprits must be made to refund the money they have fraudulently collected”.

President Bola Tinubu said: “Their supervisors and department heads must also be punished for aiding and abetting the fraud under their watch”.

According to him, his administration would ensure “those responsible are held accountable and restitution is made”.

Meanwhile, individuals outside of government employment have continued to receive unearned money, being paid without being enlisted in the nation’s civil service.


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In other instances, people who have either quit their government jobs or relocated overseas still receive their salaries.

A Talk About UK Earning

However, Daniel, a junior official at a government agency, was unbothered by the President’s directive.

He says what he currently earns in the UK is higher than the salary he gets from the Nigerian government.

“When I heard about the president’s directive, I smiled because I know I am doing better here – and not worried.” he said.

When asked why he hadn’t resigned from his position after moving abroad, Daniel explained: “To be honest, I didn’t resign because I wanted to leave that door open in case I choose to go back to my job after a few years”.

Daniel is among numerous Nigerians who have relocated abroad but continue to receive their monthly salaries from the Federal Government.

In June 2022, Dr. Dasuki Arabi, the Director-General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, revealed that the Federal Government’s Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System had identified and eliminated approximately 70,000 ghost workers from the civil service.

Arabi also highlighted that the government had saved at least ₦220 billion and ₦10 trillion through the Treasury Single Account since its full implementation during the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

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