Nigerians woke up to see Piggyvest trending on Twitter (X).

It is most likely that the first thing that crossed people’s minds was the possible closure or downtime of the digital banking app.


However, that was not the case as the trend was traced to a video that showed a lady crying while holding an opened wooden piggybank.

According to her, she had been saving a cash amount of over ₦20,000 daily for over two years with the expectation of having over two million naira total in savings.

However, when she opened the piggybank, she only found ₦22,000.

She burst out into tears alongside her mother as they grieved over the loss.

Reacting to this, some netizens asked her why she didn’t use an online savings app like  Piggyvest to save her money, as it would have been safer and more secure.

@simply_phyl wrote: “Are you all not informed about Piggyvest? There is a safelock option for saving your money.”

Oluwafero said, “Serves her right, using kolo to save money in this century?”


Also, another commented: “Piggyvest and Cowrywise are already there for savings.”

However, others said she may just be making up the story as promotional content for the online bank app.

Piggyvest is a digital savings app that was built to replace the traditional wooden and metal savings boxes.


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In addition, it was founded in 2016, with its headquarters situated at Abdulrahman Okene Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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