Nigerian music sensation, Tems has achieved a remarkable milestone as her song earns a coveted spot on Rolling Stone’s prestigious “Best Songs of 2024” list.

Rolling Stone magazine has chosen Tems’ heartfelt song “Love Me JeJe” as one of the top songs of 2024.

Tems Makes Rollingstone’s Best Songs Of 2024 List


The track was released in April 2024.

Also, it serves as the lead single from her first album, “Born in the Wild.”

In the song “Love Me JeJe,” Tems includes elements from Seyi Sodimu’s 1997 hit with the same title.

Also, the music video was directed by her.

Furthermore, It pays tribute to her hometown of Lagos and includes a cameo by Seyi Sodimu.

Tems has gained attention in the music industry for mixing R&B, soul, and Afro-fusion styles.

Also, she is recognized for her soulful singing and thoughtful lyrics.


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This recognition is a big accomplishment for her, showing not just her musical skill but also her knack for reaching a wide range of listeners.

It demonstrates how African artists are increasingly shaping global music trends and sharing diverse stories through their art.

Furthermore, As Tems continues to make waves in the music industry, her inclusion on Rolling Stone’s prestigious list solidifies her place among the top talents of 2024.

Rolling Stone’s recognition further boosts the popularity of Tems’ album “Born in the Wild,”

Also, she’s the only African artist featured this year.



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