It is a known truth that most African teachers are underpaid despite their hard work and efforts.

However, would that be a justifiable reason for Kelvin to engage in online betting, which allegedly ended his life?

Kelvin Omwenga
Kelvin Omwenga

A teacher at Nyamira Boys High School in Kenya has reportedly taken his own life after losing a bet on an online casino.


Nyamira Township Assistant Chief, Johnson Manyara, said Kelvin Omwenga died by suicide at his rented house on Wednesday night, June 5, 2024.

The administrator added that the teacher had lost about Sh50,000 in the betting.

“I was informed by locals about a teacher who had ended his life,” Mr. Manyara said.

“I proceeded to his house and notified police officers, who arrived and took the body away.”

The assistant chief added that Omwenga’s wife had given birth but was not at home when the incident occurred.

“His wife had travelled upcountry after the couple had been informed that Omwenga’s parents were sick.

“He told his wife to travel home,” the administrator said.


Nyamira Boys principal George Onkundi said the school was shocked to learn of the death.

Mathematics Teacher

The principal said Omwenga was hired by the Board of Management, and he had been at the school for four years.

“He taught mathematics and chemistry. We got concerned when he failed to report to work on Wednesday,” Mr. Onkundi said.

He said Omwenga never exhibited symptoms of depression but added that the teacher used to borrow money from colleagues.

“However, he did not exhibit signs of mental stress but had talked of domestic matters bothering him. He would often get financial help from teachers,” Mr. Onkundi said.

Another teacher said that Omwenga borrowed money from him often, promising to repay “soon.”.

Loan For Bet?

“Omwenga recently took a loan from me. He shared a plan on how the money would be repaid in small bits until everything was settled,” said the teacher, who did not want to be named.

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“I last talked to him on Tuesday. I am really shocked and saddened to learn about his death and the manner in which it is said to have happened.

“However, I cannot authoritatively say he killed himself, for that is an issue police need to investigate and make a report.”

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