The Supreme Court on Thursday directed that the allocation meant for the 774 local government areas in Nigeria be paid directly to them.

Also, it said that the state government has no right to keep and manage allocations on behalf of the local government, saying such a right a right remains unconstitutional.


Earlier, the Federal Government, through the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, instituted the case against the 36 state governors for disbursing allocations to Council areas contrary to the position of the 1999 Constitution.


According to Galaxy TV, Justice Emmanuel Agim maintained that the state governors have, over the years, used the privilege conferred on them by the Constitution to defraud and rob the local government of its rights.

Also, Justice Agim said that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria expressly declares that the allocation shall be shared and distributed among the three tiers of government.

The Court equally ruled that the allocation of local government should be paid directly to the democratically elected local government council.

Also, the Court stated that the state governors have no right to dissolve any democratically elected local government using state powers.

In addition, the Apex Court ruled that, henceforth, no state government should be paid the allocation meant for the local government in the country.

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The court added that the state government has no power to replace the democratically elected local government with the caretaker committee.


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